During the current Covid-19 pandemic the Care Home setting has become an environment with extreme focus. Having been working in this arena for a number of years and have lots of experience, but the last few months have been something that we will probably never see again in our lifetime.

Whilst providing remote support to the current Care Home management system we had an idea for the potential of using Temperature monitoring cameras to detect potentially high temperatures for Staff and Health Professionals entering the building.

We needed a solution that could provide accurate readings, provided immediate alerting, and could be integrated into the current Care Monitoring systems within the home.

English Session - Hikvision MENA - Temperature Screening Thermal ...

We chose the Hikvision Temperature screening camera as the device and quickly developed a Proof-of-Concept environment to test the solution. Using our experience in Software Integration and IT Systems, we quickly build a fully robust solution, that not only detects any High Temperatures but also logs and alerts into the core Care Home monitoring and Nurse Call solution. Any temperature alerts would then notify Staff on duty via their mobile devices, notify fixed position monitoring screens in the nurses station, and also alert the Care Home Management Team for immediate response.

We are excited and proud of the solution we have delivered, providing the potential to help identify potential risks as they enter the building, hopefully assisting us to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

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Care Home – Temperature Screening Solution

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