Whilst we have a broad range of capabilities within Brightwell Consulting we do not provide detailed technical competency on all areas of IT, our specialism is within Application Development and Application Consulting.

We are not constrained to the market sectors to which we work, we have considerable experience :

  • Small / Medium Businesses
  • Utilities
  • Local Government
  • Charities
  • Large Corporate clients in Banking, Retail, Finance, Broadcasting
  • Manufacturing

Although a solutions organisation, we are not product driven. As our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs, we employ best-of-breed technologies appropriate to those requirements.  

Reuse is key area where we feel we excel, we try at all costs to avoid the need to “Reinvent the Wheel”. This enables costs to be constrained and business risk to be mitigated by adopting a more evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach. It also allows us to deliver solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently.

Technology is a substantial part of what we do at Brightwell Consulting but we do not see technology as an end in itself but as a vehicle through which the agreed goals can be achieved for our clients