The customer had previously invested in an “Off-the-Shelf” ordering system, but had found the complexity to implement and the ongoing costs associated with it to be excessive. They had reverted back to running their business by Spreadsheets and this was quickly becoming unworkable. What they wanted was a simple, easy-to-use, robust solution that could be tailored to their individual business.

Brightwell Consulting worked extremely closely with the Directors to fully understand the business requirements, the specific processes that were utilised and the key success factors for the project.

The solution again would utilise key building blocks of functionality that had been previously developed for a number of other clients, but the benefit was that we could deliver the solution in double quick time. The solution was a complex once, with specific business process that were unique to their business and not widely used in other similar businesses.

The development and testing phase was delivered using an “Agile” development methodology, working closely with key stakeholders at all stages of the project. Rapid prototyping was used to “Show” the stakeholders how the application would look and perform, regular workshops and face-to-face meetings helped clarify detailed requirements and functionality quickly and efficiently.

The initial version of the solution was deployed, giving the customer confidence and something they could work with quickly. Further development iterations built upon this and soon the application was fully functioning and at the heart of their business processes.

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